Distinguished Criminals

When Nigeria returned to civilian rule in 1999, one of those elected into Nigeria's Senate was a retired Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG.

He stated in an interview that sitting with him in the Senate of Nigeria are people he had investigated and locked up for various criminal offenses when he was in service.

In his assertion, some of them were rogues who are unfit for decent societies, let alone in leadership positions.

He was suspended.

He was suspended for bringing the Senate to "disrepute."

Citizens did not protest.

After spending months at home without salaries and allowances, he had to apologize to the Senate and promise to be of good behaviour.

That was in 1999.

In 2016, a member of the House of Representatives raised the alarm that the nation's budget was padded.

"Padded" is euphemism for unlawful, criminal tampering and inflating of budget.

He went from the Police to the DSS. He went from radio stations to television houses. With proofs.

No security agency acted or gave him attention.

He was alone.

He was also suspended.

Buhari who was still wearing the borrowed robe of a saint pretended to see and hear nothing.

Citizens did not protest.

In 2024, a Senator raised an alarm that there was no explanations for over three trillion naira inserted into the budget. 3 trillion!

No investigation, no questions, no explanations. The Senate has suspended that Senator.

Tomorrow, someone will declare that Nigeria's problem is spiritual.

And senseless people will still give that person attention. It is possible God looks at some people as idiots when they stand in prayers for Nigeria.

Nigeria's problem is not spiritual. Never has been. Nigeria's undoing is being ruled by distinguished criminals.


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