My e-voting Solution: Best Product For Nigeria's Electoral Process

Honfovu Oluwatosin Gbenga hail from Badagry in Lagos State, Nigeria and attended Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa for his tertiary education where he graduated with distinction in Computer Science. His hobbies are Coding, Traveling, Music and Family. His ability to discover problem, seek for knowledge and proffer solutions makes him an exemplary project manager amidst equal. Oluwatosin reveal how his magical
e-voting system can save Nigeria electoral process from it devastated nature to a credible and resource managing one.

The Solution

My E-voting system is a solution prepared to solve electoral saga in Nigeria. follwoing the electoral hullabaloo in across the world especially Nigeria, I and my team of great thinkers decided to eradicate the brouhaha with are great and faultless solution. I can say it louder again and again that My software can save the next generation if implemented.

2023 is around the corner, all regions are warming up to occupy different leadership position to make Nigeria work again. I besiege all Nigerian youths to prepare and ready for a total transformation with the power of technology. 

The solution have several features from security (Verification and Authentication) and data management. It helps to eradicate underage voting, ballot snatching, gambling and permutation. Before we could test it across the nation, I want to advise that all our tertiary institutions should first implement this during the Union and association election in schools across the nation. All the Departments, SUGs, NANS, ASUP, ASSU power tussle will be subdue to barest minimal.

Other Projects to His credit

Some are: Electronic Pump System (Filling Station inventory system)., Electronic Learning System, Electronic Library System, Online Shopping System, OGITECH NACOSS Website, Ignite World Website, Day waterman Co-curricular Activity management System, Electronic voting System., POS System (Cash Register, POS Software, Accounting System and Business Automation) and lots more.

Professional bodies 

Nigeria Computer Society, Nigeria Association of Computing Students (NACOS), First Nigeria GSM Technicians.

His computer scientist Journey & Testimony

When I was much younger, I have always love computing and wanted to decode the functions of a computer and it components. I am a lover of computer and basically I found computing interesting. I had not chosen computer science as my choice of course in the Polytechnic at first, but I Must say it is the will of God for me. I was admitted for computer Science instead of Computer Engineering that was chosen on my Jamb form, but fortunately for me, I found myself in the field of computer science that has open my eyes to see the future beam of light before me.


Working experience

He worked as an assistant technician at Kaytech Global system for mobile Communications. Also as an IT Support Officer at Day Waterman College, Abeokuta. and now as a Full stack Developer, Specialized in web Development via Homdroid Technology.


Mr BIODUN SHOBANJO — Chairman, Troyka Holdings (which include Insight Communications— the flagship of the group, Halogen Security an asset protection and resource management outfit, Insight Publicis, Leo Burnett Lagos, All Seasons Media and Media Perspectives — which are media independents); MR OLADIPO OLUWATOSIN — CEO, Glintsight Communications, Business Life Africa, Initiator and Hephad School, Proprietor; MRS ADERONKE EBISIN — HOD Computer Science, OGITECH and UNONG KING. 


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