CHIEF ABIMBOLA ABODERIN: The Father of Showbiz, Living Political Legend at 70

 By Glintsightv

To be called a father connotes that a man is responsible not to his family alone but to all, and to be a living political legend is another highest title that connote patriotism. 

However, to be tagged as father of showbiz in Nigeria and living political  legend, it  means he has demonstrated his ingenuity in various capacity to invest and  develop humanity via his diverse creative attributes for economic development.

Turning seventy is symbolic to legend and while  to lazy one is hardship. 70 years is considered to be a generation of human life according to Psalm 90. It is believed that in each generation Amalek rises up against the people of Israel, and we see throughout Jewish history these repeated patterns in terms of 70 years or multiples thereof. 



'The seventieth birthday is the time of life when you arrive at a new and awful dignity; when you may throw aside the decent reserves which have oppressed you for a generation and stand unafraid and unabashed upon your seven-terraced summit.'

Who is that Legend?

CHIEF ABIMBOLA ABODERIN is the legend, the real  Father of Showbiz in Nigeria and a Living Political Hero that uphold the 'Hope 93' legacies (the June 12 struggle) till date.

 "Being successful is like being on a bicycle. Once you think you are successful, you may fall off, because you do not pedal anymore." Said Frederic Fekkai.

For sustainability, Aboderin maintain the tempo of pedalling forward to guide against fall off as the quote stated.

He is a global personality of excellent repute and honorable status. He was born on the 15th day of October, 1952, to the royal family of Aboderin in the City of Ibadan. His family is an elite family, and his father, Maye Moyosore Aboderin, was one of the notable Nigerians that patriotically pioneered the development of Nigeria. 

Chief Abimbola Aboderin was bred in a family system of elites that had  good disposition and orientation of life. His family was charitable and philanthropic, as his father was a renowned philanthropist that was broadly impacting the lives of people in different spheres of life. 

His father was a compassionate personality, and he laid a great path of compassionate and well-oriented life for Chief Abimbola Aboderin. This path, as laid by his father, is what Chief Abimbola Aboderin has been navigating on so far in the journey of his life, which is now 70years.

Educational Background

Life is a journey, and the journey of life is of different stages and scenes. Chief Abimbola Aboderin has had different encounters of the stages of life. On education, Chief Abimbola Aboderin is very educated. 

He had his primary and secondary educations in the city of Ibadan and Lagos State, Nigeria, before proceeding to the United Kingdom and the United States of America, for his higher education. 

In his educational encounters, he made excellent and remarkable impact, through his leadership skills and intellectual engagements. In his schooling days, he was a sportsman, that was actively involved in athletics and football. He did run the 100m race in athletics. He was a good footballer.

 He played football in the university he attended in America. He also sponsored a Nigerian athlete, Olapade Adenekan, to America for athletic competitions, under the coaching supervision of Tony Urobo. 

As a matter of fact, Chief Abimbola Aboderin was a very high-grade student in the schools/institutions that he attended. He received different meritorious awards in his honor, for his brilliance and creative ability. He gave immense commitment to education, and that has made him an educated personality with enviable profile, across the globe.

Globally, Chief Abimbola Aboderin is a renowned icon of great values, with outstanding records of excellent participations in significant aspects of the human society. In the entertainment industry, which is a key aspect of the human society, he has immensely impacted and contributed to entertainment development and notable global icons in the entertainment world.  

Personally, Chief Abimbola Aboderin is a talented and creative entertainer, with his musical talent in singing and playing of guitar. In the journey of his life so far, up to current stage of his life, he has effectively and productively been into entertainment and promoting activities in the entertainment industry.

In 1966, Chief Abimbola Aboderin formed a musical band tagged ‘Imperials Band’. He was a singer and rhythm guitarist in the band. The musical band made melodious songs with good lyrics. It was a great feat for Chief Abimbola being the founder of such great musical band.

 Still on entertainment, Chief Abimbola Aboderin was also into modelling, and in 1966, he was a winner in a modelling competition that took place in Lagos, Nigeria. In 1968, he did an advert modelling for ‘Dunlop Tyre', a global brand that was into production of tyres. 

He also did an advert modelling for ‘Tom-tom Sweet', he was the ‘Tom-tom Boy' in the advert, which was a big advert on  television screens in Nigeria and Africa then. For his significance and great mark in the entertainment industry; in 1966, a national newspapers in Nigeria, ‘SUNDAY TIMES’ made a special publication on him as the ‘First Nigerian Model’.

In the 1980s, Chief Abimbola Aboderin was greatly into promotion of global musical stars, and in his exploration on it, he organized the biggest show in the world then.

 The name of the show was ‘SUNSLPASH’; it was a Jamaican show that was brought to Africa by Chief Abimbola Aboderin, and that’s why the legendary world-beat musician, king Sunny Ade, calls him the ‘original promoter'. 

The show featured great musical stars like Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, King Sunny Ade, Burning Spear, Lee Ryod, Sly & Rubby, King Yellow Man, Judy Mowat (Lead Singer for Bob Marley)  and other global musical stars . The show was organized in partnership with Kalith Wilson, a global musical brand from Liberia. It was a massive show that took place in notable cities across the globe. 

Chief Abimbola Aboderin’s musical brand was known as ‘Iconic Music’, and on the brand, he produced some songs with titles like ‘Eko Akete’, ‘Jesu Mi O’, ‘Give Me A Chance’, ‘Ka Sope’, and others. 

He was very creative, insightful, and philosophical in his styles of compositions of songs. With his songs, he was able able to talk about the importance of reverence for God, good living, compassion, and global wellness.

Chief Abimbola Aboderin was into movies. In the 1970s, he did see different movies, especially when he was in California, United States of America. Then, through his father, he met a global icon in the movies industry, Eva Garbo, who was a known movie star and who also happened to be the wife of his father’s  friend, Frank Jameson, and he also met Javid of ‘Screen Writers Corporation Movies Industry'. 

Then, they wrote a movie script titled Run-Rabbit-Run ( a movie about African Refugees).  The movie industry was a special one to Chief Abimbola Aboderin, both locally and internationally. Hence, the first movie in Nigeria was shot in his house at G R.A, IKeja, Lagos, and that was in 1989; and the lead-role star actor of the movie was Richard Mofe-Damijo, and the title of the movie was ‘Hostages'.

Impact in the Entertainment Industry

 Chief Abimbola Aboderin is all-round as far as entertainment is concerned. He is a well-known personality and brand in the entertainment industry of the world. More so, he can be tagged as the ‘Grand Master of Entertainment’.

As an individual with sincere and earnest interest in a better human society and development of his country, Nigeria, Chief Abimbola Aboderin has been a devoted patriot, with an unwavering commitment to patriotism and national service. 

In his patriotic spirit, he has been able to do great things for the development of his country, especially in the area of finance, security, and political administration. During the regime of Ibrahim Babaginda as the ‘Head of State’ of Nigeria, when Chu Okongwu was the Minister for Finance, Chief Abimbola Aboderin, through his international connection and in collaboration with his German friend, Rolf Rednar, arranged and secured a loan of $400m for Nigeria, from the World Bank. 

The purpose for the loan was to equip and strengthen the security and defense mechanism of Nigeria. Chief Abimbola Aboderin passionately loves Nigeria, and he is readily ready to engage in activities for the development, progress, and well-being of Nigeria and Nigerians. 

On this, in the area of finance/commerce, Chief Abimbola Aboderin, through Aboderin and Glarih Company, was in the pioneering team that organized Lagos Trade Fair for ten years, in a consecutive order. He was the Spokesman for the Company and the project of Lagos Trade Fair. Through the project, there was expansion of commerce and economic development in Lagos State, and by extension, to other States in Nigeria and African countries.


Politically, Chief Abimbola Aboderin is a well-knowledged, an experienced, and a philosophical political practitioner. He has a very solid political background, as he grew up in a conscious political family with political relevance and excellence, especially in the southwestern region of Nigeria. His father was the founder of Ibadan People’s Party(IPP), a foremost and leading political party in Nigeria prior the Independence of Nigeria in 1960. His father, Maye Moyosore Aboderin was a gentle and influential politician in Nigeria; he was a close ally of Chief Obafemi Awolowo. 

He was a co-founder of ‘ACTION GROUP’, a great political party from the western region of Nigeria. His father was also a member of the western house of assembly and the federal parliament of Nigeria. 

 He was among the three Nigerians(Maye Moyosore Aboderin, Kashim Ibrahim, Oba Adesoji Aderemi) that were officially sent as Nigeria’s representatives to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of England, in 1953. Chief Abimbola Aboderin has actively been involved in politics and political administration in Nigeria. 

He has acted in different political capacities, in ensuring that there is good political leadership and democratic practices in Nigeria, Africa, and the world in general. He participated in what can be termed, ‘a very remarkable and historic political era in Nigeria', which is the political era that saw the popular June 12 Presidential Election in Nigeria, in 1993. He was a close ally of the main political gladiator of then, Chief M.K.O Abiola, the Presidential Candidate of Social Democratic Party (SDP) in the 1993 presidential election. Chief Abimbola Aboderin first met Chief M.K.O Abiola through his father in 1982.

 Chief Abimbola Aboderin was an astute member of Social Democratic Party (SDP), even before Chief M.K.O Abiola joined the party. He saw and witnessed everything that transpired during the political era of the I993 elections in Nigeria. 

He has a first-hand account of the ' highs and lows’ of the activities that occurred then, during and after the elections, especially from the perspectives of democratic engagements, political anomalies, and translations of events. Chief Abimbola Aboderin and Chief Ajibola( the Lawyer to Chief M.K.O Abiola), played key roles in the political era of the June 12 elections. 

They were were able to organize and anchor strategic political activities then, especially in the task that made them to raise #350m for the campaign and electioneering activities of Chief M.K.O Abiola and Social Democratic Party (SDP). 

The #350m raised was kept in the custody of Chief Abimbola Aboderin for more than 24hours, and he handed the sum correctly, without any amount missing from the #350m, to the campaign committee of Chief M.K.O Abiola. Chief Abimbola Aboderin is a man of integrity. 

Chief Abimbola Aboderin was very close to the popular Ibadan politician, Lamidi Adedibu, also known as ‘Strong Man of Ibadan Politics’. Chief Abimbola Aboderin was also a landlord to Chief Lamidi Adedibu because the land where the ‘Strong Man of Ibadan Politics’ built his personal residential estate on was sold to him by his father, Maye Moyosore Aboderin. 

Chief Abimbola Aboderin is a well-connected politician, with great sense of excellent participation. He is also one of the founding members of the ‘All Progressive Congress (APC) in Nigeria. 

 Eventually, as a political scholar and intellectual practitioner, Chief Abimbola Aboderin has authored a book titled ‘Democracy and The Untold Story of June 12, to present the political events in the magnitude of intellectual cum historical content, to inform and enlighten people around the globe on political activities, participations, interest, and projections.

Chief Abimbola Aboderin, as an excellent personality, likes celebrating excellence, values, and creative minds in the world. And that is why he has established a global magazine media publications organization known as Guru Magazine Publications. He is the Chairman and Publisher of the Magazine, with a brilliant team of staff. 

Guru Magazine celebrates, promotes, and showcases the excellence, creative works, and developmental capacities of icons, personalities, organizations, companies, industries, and institutions in the globe. The magazine makes offline and online publications with intellectual, informative, enlightening, and promotional contents. Chief Abimbola Aboderin is a great achiever. So far, he has achieved significant things for the betterment of humanity.

Chief Abimbola Aboderin lives by the orientation of compassionate living and selfless-service. He believes in living for others and making great impact in their lives.

 In the light of this, he is a philanthropist, with numerous charitable projects across the globe, to touch the lives of people of the world, in compassionate and humanitarian manners. Chief Abimbola Aboderin is an advocate of peace and justice. He believes that for the human society to be well, there has to be peace and justice. 

And the decision and policy-making institutions and governments in the world should promote and imperatively consider peace and justice in their activities and operations.

For the future of the world, Chief Abimbola Aboderin is of the mindset that the youths have to be taken care of, with good welfare and positive orientation of Life , as the youths are the ones that will administer the affairs of the world in the future.

 In his own contribution, he has been empowering youths by providing good welfare for them, enlightening and giving positive orientation to them. He has different programs for youths’ empowerment  and development. 

In different forms and in different countries of the world, Chief Abimbola Aboderin has impacted the youths, in tremendous and positive ways. As a matter of fact, he is a global humanitarian personality that is worthy of emulation in the world, so that compassionate and selfless living can significantly be practiced by ‘all' as the best form of standard of living. 

Chief Abimbola Aboderin is a light unto the path of humanity for compassionate living. Let the path be followed by humans. It is for the betterment and best of humanity.

Indeed, it is celebration of a great icon and distinctive legend that has done credibly well for humanity.  Chief Abimbola Aboderin’s life is a life of honor, values, and immense impartations to and on mankind.

Seventy years of sojourn in this life is a great feat. It is a mark of steadfastness, patience, experience, and wise living.  For this, the entire globe celebrates a living humanitarian legend, Chief Abimbola Aboderin, today 15th October, 2022, on his 70th Birthday.

 It is celebration of integrity, dignity, and humanity. May Chief Abimbola Aboderin spend more decades in life, in good health and divine blessings. 70 cheers to the living humanitarian legend.




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