Betrand Ugorji: The Global Tech Mogul Piloting Uptitek Worldwide

...the chronicle of his innovative footprints in proffering solutions to global challenges via technology

Betrand Ugorji, Founder/CEO, Uptitek Worldwide 

The growth in the world leading economies and many establishments are attributed to the use of ICT and its application in every facet of operating processes. Noah Samara said that behind the wealth of nations and individuals is information. Behind the poverty of individuals and nations as well is ignorance. 

Knowledge is known to be power, but sincerely the right knowledge is wealth and power. Bill Gates, in his book, Business at the Speed of Thought, said such companies will lead the business of the future because they are able to make decisions quickly, act efficiently and touch customers positively. “Going digital will put you on the leading edge of a shock wave of change that will shatter the old ways of doing business”, Gates said.

We are in the era where businesses, learning and social activities are carried out at scale on the cloud platform. 

For the first time, C-19 moved the world closer to the real 24/7 economy in the year 2020. It is a new dawn for containerized remote windows-desktops powering the shift from office to home. The home-workforce are now utilizing Phablet i.e. 10'' tablets and desktops more than smaller screen telephone handset and Laptops. Also, Telemedicine- i.e. virtual consultation, to reduce hospital traffic is also gaining momentum. Any business or organisation that fails to prepare adequately for the 'New Normal' way of life would be outdated.

Many people sit on a multi-million Naira information live in poverty but not people like Betrand who saw opportunity and took advantage of the information available to transform businesses.

There is no doubt across the world that computer science is now the king of all profession ruling the world in this digital era. COVID-TECH KINGDOM is now ruled by a collegiate executive consisting of seven sisters: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Cloud Architect and Blockchain. In changing the narratives, UPTITEK was birth to Provide Innovative and Effective ICT solutions to global brouhaha.

The Brand

Uptitek Ltd is an incomparable ICT Solution provider with many years of verified successful practical experience in digital transformation both in private and public sectors. The company has built, supplied, secured and configured Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Government Resource Planning (GRP) systems that bring simplicity to the planning, recording, processing, reporting and monitoring of various activities while providing omni-channel support for mobile, tablet & desktop devices. 

The organization was established to render top quality and high value for money IT consultancy services with a special focus on providing software development and integration solutions to her clients. They are team of highly skilled agile software engineers, business analysts, software testers, front-end and back-end developers, etc. who provide the technical skills, accountability and industry knowledge required to deliver custom applications on time and budget.

Their work is based on their VISION to change the world with software by delivering fast, simple, secure and reliable IT solutions in order to fulfil the MISSION of providing high quality IT services to stakeholders with a major focus on simplicity.

Innovators Identity

They say 'two are better than one'. Likewise, it takes two to tangle.’ The Innovators of the brand are couple, lecturers, coders and authors. The company was founded and funded by Betrand Ugorji and wife, Maryjane Betrand. 

They are one of the exemplary Nigerian power couple who have worked in synergy to grow diverse business capacity to a global admirable level via their brand 'Uptitek'.

Innovators Profile

Betrand Ugorji is the brain behind the leading information technology solutions company known as Uptitek Ltd in UK and Nigeria. The company was birth to solve many problems technologically in various sectors across the globe. He is one of the global ICT business citizens who started as a local business citizen in Nigeria by promoting African capability and intellectual endowment in proffering exceptional solutions to global brouhaha in digital economy.

He hails from Imo state, Nigeria. He started his educational journey as a Microbiologist and later as a Banker. However, his yearning to provide efficacy IT solutions that make life easy for everyone cemented a path for him. He is a symbol and a total representation of excellence in every field he worked by fashioning innovative realisms and transforming status quos. 

Apart from being the creator of EMB ERP Software Brand, CEO, Senior Software Architect and Full Stack Developer with Uptitek, he is also a Software Engineering consultant to numerous organizations across the globe. 

Certification, Academics and Working Experience

He holds a Diploma in Management of Information System (MIS) and a Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Business Management from UK institutions. He also has an MSc. From the school of Cyber Security University of Hertfordshire and an ongoing PH.D degree in Cyber Security at the same University. 

There is a saying that 'the more you teach, the more you gain'. However, in quest for more gain, he lectured Computer Science at the University of Hertfordshire, UK for 5 years. He taught various courses in his area of specialization and provided support to other lecturers and mentoring to students.

His experience in project management, computing and ICT experience and a broad range of exposure to the following industries – software security, taxation software, banking, medical, manufacturing, higher educational institutions, hospitality, computing and information technology in UK and other countries has span over 12 years. He has been a transformation agent to many businesses through significant contributions to technology as an innovator, a process automator, an entrepreneur, a founder, a researcher, a product owner and a knowledge transfer manager. 

Betrand is a multi-time conference speaker and author of recognized International Papers that's been presented in 3 Continents of the world on Cyber-Security, advancement of the digital technology, Design and Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP). He became a Consortium professional member of International Information Systems Security, one of the pioneers of the, the Association for Computing Machinery, the British Computing Society, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the Institute for the Management of Information Systems and the Association of Business Executives.

Global Footprints

Betrand led a team of developers at Uptitek UK in the design, development and implementation of a Case Management System for some of these organisations - The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) UK, Santander Bank Global Santech UK, Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) Abuja and Uptitek Nigeria. Recently, with his team, created a cloud-based Case Management Solution and App; Casefee, and a cloud-based Retail Management Solution; RMS

People refers to 'casefee" as our most popular brand solution at uptitek which is not true. As a matter of fact, our most popular software now is EMB RMS our Retail Management Solution. The reason is that RMS has more downloads, and more Users. This is partly because EMB RMS includes and appeals to a larger market audience for it is designed to be used by any kind of business trading on any kind of products. So virtually every business can download EMB RMS from Google play store and use it. Betrand exclaimed!

'Casefee? Hmm! Before now, we had a Case Management System which can be used by any organisation to manage any kind of Case. However, the case Management Solution was not a Software-as-a-Service App. Casefee was created to fill the gap in Online Automated Legal case management. We all know that Legal Case management is characterized with lots of physical files and documents which are necessary due to the requirements of the law, but these documents can be a pain to maintain, to protect, to manage and to carry around. 

We identified an opportunity there which is to remove the difficulty in managing Case work, case documents, case bills etc. Therefore, we created a simple, easy to use and affordable system for lawyers to use and manage their cases, bill their customers and work collaboratively from anywhere in the world using Casefee, our multi-user cloud Case Management App. You can download Casefee from Google play Store' he explained!

 Apart from innovating for Uptitek, Nigeria, UK and the world at large, Betrand has helped many other organizations such as Marks and Spencers, Mercedes, Havana Cinemas, JGold petrochemical, Energy shield petrochemical, etc, actualise their digital transformation visions using Uptitek EMB product suites.

Maryjane Betrand

Maryjane Betrand, Director, Uptitek Limited Nigeria has 6 years of experience in business development, 5 years' knowledge as a software engineer and has led a range of creativities across UK and Nigeria.

She holds a MSc. with distinction in Advance Computing from University of Hertfordshire UK and an undergraduate degree with first class honours in Software Engineering from the University of Hertfordshire UK.

Maryjane started her career as a Web developer with University of Hertfordshire UK, working with their Web and learning team, UK. After completing her education, she joined the company to serve as the pioneer executive director of the company to develop and provide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to different organizations both in UK and Nigeria.

Maryjane is currently a Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire UK where she teaches postgraduate students Software engineering practice and Experience.

Driven by the desire to proffer solutions to the limitations faced in software design and development, Maryjane is currently involved in PhD research in human factors in software engineering. She has attended several external trainings in the areas of software development, sales, marketing and employee management. 

She prepared a legacy for the generation coming via a book she authored titled Fault Aware Software Engineering (FASE), the understanding of developer characteristic which provide the ability to pre-empt the types of faults they introduce into code proactively, published by EASE 2019 and also working on providing a course to teach women Java programming.

Above all, Maryjane is a wife and a proud mother of lovely children.

The Conversation

The Journey to become a global business citizen from local business citizen?

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step. For us, it all started from one application EMB Retail ERP, with one customer in UK and grew year on year until what we see today. Now companies around the world employ our services and use our Apps. Betrand explained!

The Tech industry is saturated with a lot of innovations, what makes you standout? 

We believe that the market is huge and there is nothing like saturation of tech, there are billions of people in the world and a large percentage of them do not have mobile phone or internet. Therefore, the market is still out there. 

Now to answer your question about what stands us out, you just have to take a look at the simplicity of our apps and am sure you'll see how that makes us standout. We build apps that someone with no formal education or IT knowledge can use. We innovate to cater for those with no knowledge of IT or software.

Handling cyber security in a time like this

Our apps are hosted on amazon webservice. Trusted by Millions of users including the biggest organisations. We know that security is a challenge but with the advent of the cloud today, security has never been this outsourced.

 Nevertheless, we follow good security practices and develop with secure components and tools ensuring privileges are properly managed and that all sensitive information is encrypted both in transit and in storage.

How do you handle mentorship?

Our goal is to empower this generation and the next generation and encourage young people to embrace tech. 

Nigeria's tech industry rating in the world

I will say 5 out of 10. We have come a long way and we are making a great progress. This is why most foreign organisations are investing hugely in the Nigerian tech space. A number of indigenous investors have demonstrated confidence in the country, committing massive investments to ICT development. 

These constitute big and small businesses, creating direct and indirect jobs that have added immensely to the wellbeing of Nigerians. These investment in ICT has created more service companies across the length and breath of the nation. The ICT sector has become one of the growth drivers in the economy and a major provider of jobs in the country.

Advise to youths and prospective leaders?

He advices the youths to believe in themselves, if they don't, no one will believe them. 'Keep reaching for the best, have something to offer so that you will be sought after from anywhere in the world, keep learning, master what we've learnt and be an expert on it.' Betrand urges.

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