Real Time Pain Relief Product Launched into the Nigerian Market

Real Time Pain Relief, a knock-out formula, that can help patients reclaim their lives with fast action relief in minutes has been launched into the Nigerian market by Natures Rejuvenate Nigeria Ltd. As part of its goal in ensuring people reclaim their lives with fast-action pain relief, Natures Rejuvenate is introducing Real Time Pain Relief into the West-African market starting from Nigeria with plans to expand to other West-African countries.

The products, Real Time Pain Relief Lotion; Real Time Pain Relief Foot Cream; and Real Time Pain Relief MAXX, is designed special to tackle Arthritis, Backaches, Muscles Strains, Sprains, Bruises, Cramps and other types of acute or mild pains.

Marketed and distributed by Eximpt Global Investment & Trading Co. Ltd for Natures Rejuvenate Ltd, the product franchise holder. The product has George Foreman, a former world boxing champion, as the product Ambassador in Africa.

Manufactured in the United States, tested and certified, the product provides alternative to the use of tablets in combating unpleasant and harmful pains, and is believed to have none dangerous possible side effects such as kidney failure and liver damage known to be associated with the continued use of pills.

Speaking during the launch in Lagos, the president and CEO of Natures Rejuvenate Ltd. Pharmacist Jason Maduka said “This is a product that is use tropically. Over the years, we are accustomed to products that we take by mouth but those products most times don’t really address the pains we all go through, but also has negative side-effects on the people that use them. These products ranging from non-steroidal and inflammatory agents to some other pain relief products that we take through the mouth. Some of them have some damaging side-effects such as ulceration of intestinal lining and to other problems that result to cardiac arrest in some of the elderly patients. This unique product that has menthol as one of the active ingredients with other 15 nature ingredients basically has anti-inflammatory properties that help to relieve the inflammation in our body and pain relief. This product is uniquely put together for the maximum benefit of the people that will be using them.”

He said, “This is one of the products we bring into the market and allow it on hands of the distributors. Currently, we have reached out to hospitals, doctors, pharmacies. They have embraced this product to a large extent. Just like we heard from some of the doctors, orthopedics, pharmacists who were present today. We have model out different channels of distribution of this product.”

The chairman of the company, Pastor Michael Abaribe said that, “Real Time Pain Relief Product is a product that is in a class of its own. It is a tropical analgesic, meaning, it is an analgesic that comes in form of cream which can be applied on a targeted area of the body. It is very easy to use and it smells pleasantly. The product is a non-synthetic product which means, it doesn’t have any chemical substance. One very unique attribute of this product is that, it is manufactured in the United States at a very standard condition. Of course, we all know the standard mainlined in US. it works like magic when used as people will say. We trust the efficacy of this product and how it works.”

Speaking also at the launching, Mr. Olufemi Omidele, Chief Marketing Officer, Natures Rejuvenate said that the product is gradually gaining preference and the plans to get it across to end users is in top gear. He said, "Real Time Pain Relief take away excruciating pains. I can assure the whole Nigerians and Africans that this product can take away pain in seconds. Taking away pain is our driving force and the reason why these products are being introduced to the Nigeria's healthcare sector market." He concluded.

He said that the company has designed a supply chain distribution system to identify with registered and pharmaceutical dealers, major hospitals, fitness and wellness centres among others to serve as channels through which the products can get to the end users.

He assured that a lot of security measures have been put in place to out-smart counterfeiters. "The main manufacturer of Real Time Pain Relief in America has a kind of check-in security that ensures that the products cannot be adulterated in any form and will periodically review design, colour combination and others."

To further demonstrate the efficacy of the products, Mr. Omidele disclosed that a lot of critical presentations have been done in major hospitals and among pharmaceutical dealers where the effectiveness and efficacy of the product has been tested, and have ascertained that the product will serve the purpose for which it has been manufactured.

Testimonials were also given at the launch of the product by medical doctors. Dr Emeka Elumelu, Resident Orthopedic & Trauma Doctor, University of Medical Science Teaching Hospital, Ondo State, who gave a brief lecture on "Arthritis, Pain and Nature Remedies", and while explaining how pains develop in human bodies, said that every human being suffers one pain type or the others at some points.

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Dr. Emeka Elumelu

Speaking specifically, Dr Elumelu who attested to the fact that Real Time Pain Relief was made from a lot of natural extract, said "For it to be licensed in the United States means that the efficacy and potency has been tested and has passed all the trials to be used there. "I have actually used the product; you rub it and the pains disappear inside" he said.

Another medical doctor, Dr. Campos, a medical consultant with Krown Hospital, Alimosho, Lagos also gave his testimony of his experience with the product. He said that when he got the product from Natures rejuvenate and applied it, it was just like magic, the pain disappeared instantly, he said. “I had to order for my mom also who virtually knows all the drugs. But I gave the lotion to her to use and she attested to the quality of this product, Real Time Pain Relief.” “I can assure you all that this product will advertise itself because of its quality. My only advice to the manufactural of this product, is to ensure necessary machineries are put in place to safeguard this product from adulteration.”

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