Security open fire on protesters in Iran

By Emmanuel Ogunleye

Deadly protests demanding the ouster of Iran’s Islamic Republic leaders have continued for a fourth week. The demonstrations began almost a month ago after the death of Mahsa Amini, 22, while she was in the custody of the morality police. She had been arrested under the country’s rule requiring women to cover their hair in public.

The government has imposed a violent crackdown on the demonstrations. Some have turned into chaotic street battles, with the security forces opening fire on protesters or on local residents.

Human rights groups said at least 185 people had been killed and thousands injured or arrested, though disruptions to the internet made it difficult to confirm the true toll.

Workers in the country’s vital oil and energy sectors have staged strikes for two days. Eleven workers were arrested on Tuesday, but the walkouts continued, according to news reports. Strikes that could further damage the economy carry a heavy weight in Iran’s history. During the 1979 Islamic revolution, strikes in those sectors were a powerful tool that accelerated the collapse of the shah’s rule. NYT

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