Otunba Sharafa-deen Alao Adeniyi Durowoju: An examplary Grassroot Community Leader fashioned with diverse creative attributes

A birthday special on an examplary grassroot leader fashioned with diverse creative attributes and probity, leading Afobaje Central CDAs to become a sought-after community among others in Ogun state and Nigeria at large.

Afobaje is a community residing in OTTA- The Boundary between gateway and State of Excellence homing numerous impact making organisations in Nigeria.

Two things always make people ask where you are from, and which school did you attend. Success or Failure! If you perform excellently or otherwise your location or village will be on the world map. How did you want your community or kingdom to be described? A place where evil or foolish people are breeds or a community where exceptional intellectuals originated from. You are the determinant of how people will perceive you and your origin.

His footprint in community development as positioned Afobaje community on the Nigerian map as one of the fast growing community with a creative touch of Transformation. 

To mention few out of his achievement, is the running of government with  youth inclusiveness in the leadership role and decision making of the community, financial education and empowerment for women in the community by establishing Afobaje women cooperative, setting up of So-Safe office as a measure to secure life and properties in the community  and Partnering with many organisation for the development of the community.

Who is the man? 

Otunba Sharafa-deen Alao Adeniyi Durowoju, the substantive Director, Project Implementation and Monitoring Unit, Office of the Chief of Staff, Governor’s Office, Alausa, Ikeja. He is a social savvy entity with Traditional Chieftaincy  and Religious Titles such as: 

- Asiwaju Adini of Magbon Central Mosque, Agege

- The Otun Aresa of Iresa Ile, Oke Efon Abeokuta, 

- The Balogun Adini of Nasir-deen Islamic & Asalatu Group, 

- The Leader Transformation Forum, Afobaje Ota, Ogun State, Member De House Committee of Friends Worldwide,

- The Sitting Chairman, Afobaje 15 autonomous Communities, Ota, Ogun State 

Brief History

An echo of joy sounded in the family of Balogun Hammed Durowoju, the Balogun of Efon and Alhaja Wusamotu Ayoka Durowoju on Thursday, 3rd October, 1963  when the genius Otunba Sharafa-deen Alao Adeniyi Durowoju  was born.


He attended Saint Phillip Primary School, Olorunsogo, Mushin from 1970-1976, from where he proceeded to Ibadan, Ibadan Grammar School to be précised from September 1977 to July 1982.

The young lad with burning passion for academic advancement stride to Ogun State Polytechnic, then at Onikolobo to pursue a course of study in Laboratory Science Technology in 1983 where he studied for two (2) years and passed with distinction. This super brat still not done proceeded to Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti in pursuit of course of study in Applied Chemistry between 1985 to 1986 whence he crossed to the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) to pursue a course of study leading to the award of Bachelor of Science Technology (BSC Tech) in Industrial Chemistry, and graduated in the year 1990.

He had his National Youth Service Corps in Ikwere Local Government Isiokpo in Rivers State in the year 1990.

Otunba Durowoju in September, 1992 bagged master in Public Administration from the Lagos State University (LASU) in February, 1993 he was employed into the service of the Lagos State Government as Legislature Officer II at the Lagos State House of Assembly. Sequel to the defilement of 3rd Republic owing to military takeover, Otunba Durowoju was then deployed to the office of Establishments, Pensions and Training. The awardee continued to manifest bold and exceptional feat in the discharge of his job description, so astutely, articulate and versatile which informed his admission into the membership of the prestigious Chartered Institute of Personal Management in year 2000 and Nigeria Institute of Management in year 2003.

Otunba Durowoju second nature is dedication to duties, this gentleman officer had been doing passionate with his job. He was wont of working tirelessly without blemish, so painstakingly and finicky about details, no matter how minute. He’s extremely particular, exalting and meticulous in taste and standard. It is worthy to mention that within the currency of his fair of service since 1993 till date.

Otunba Durowoju’s intelligence and artistic creativity was made manifest when he redesigned the State’s Project Inspection Template to include some other drop downs and technical evaluation criteria, this innovation was subsequently for Digital Cabinet Reporting Model. His mental capacity reflex and sagacious attributes are quite exceptional, revealing good judgment and sound thought. His stable temperament and charitable disposition are his point of attractions.

He is presently substantive Director, Project Implementation and Monitoring Unit, Office of the Chief of Staff, Governor’s Office, Alausa, Ikeja.

He is happily married to Alhaja Omowunmi Mulikat Durowoju and Hadjia Sekinat Adeola Durowoju and blessed with lovely children.

"Otunba assured all stakeholders in the community building struggle of his continuous support in ensuring a peaceful and conducive atmosphere for all within Afobaje environment." He confessed

I present to you a Consummate Administrator, a man of Towering Moral Capital, an Icon, an Advocate of Peace, Justice and Fair Play, a man of Immeasurable Sagacity, a Grassroot Community Leader, a Stunning Mobilizer, Grand and Noble, Otunba Sharafa-deen Durowoju.

Congratulations sir!

Happy birthday from all of us at Glintsightv and The Brain Magazine Management.


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