FifthLab: The Birth of CWG 2.0's Vision

 Computer Warehouse Group (CWG), the exporter of homemade solutions across Africa, with a mission to maximize Africa's future unveiled and introduced the new born vision 'CWG 2.0' of the company known as 'FifthLab' at the TeXcellence conference to strengthen and sustain its business tempo in Africa.

The FifthLab is an ecosystem of user-centric digital solutions that make life and business easy–was officially unveiled last Friday at the TeXcellence Conference.

Adewale Adeyipo, the Group Managing Director and CEO noted during the conference that five years ago, during the 25th Anniversary, the managerial team began to reflect and strategise on the future of the company. This was when CWG 2.0 vision was born, an opportunity to redefine the company’s corporate strategy and principles, as well as provide solutions to current concerns in the ecosystefthLab was born.

According to Moradeke Akintola, the Head of Platforms, “Technology and digitalization in Africa has evolved and is still evolving. It has given rise to a lot of opportunities to create and evolve along with the technology space, and that is what Fifthlab addresses. We are going to bridge that gap between technology and people, conceive ideas and develop solutions as fast as possible”.

Product overview

'Imagine having a state-of-the-art unified bill presentation and payment platform which allows you to present a safe, secure and easy-to-use hub for your customers and other businesses to view bills.

Imagine an Inventory management system that enables you to structure, manage and keep track of inventory items reliably and efficiently, while automating, tracking and managing expenditures, credits, revenues and profit for your business. 

Imagine having a platform that allows the members of your cooperative society to pay and view their contribution in real-time and have access to grants and loans.

Imagine having access to different account types such as current and savings, term deposits, top up deposits, recurring deposits and fixed rate deposits, while also having access to personal loans, vehicle loans, student loans, home loans, school loans, overdrafts, group loans, term loans and restructuring.

Imagine being able to track your transactions every step of the way, and having your money held securely until you’re satisfied with the services you received.

Now what if said these do not have to be mere imaginations anymore, because FifthLab has brought these solutions to life!' says CWG team 

The conference had us feeling the pulse of the Digital Technology innovators across Africa, and we must say it was electric!

The plenary sessions took a deep dive into the Digital Transformation landscape in Africa as seasoned industry leaders tore down the veil to gives a closer look at the tested and proven recipes they adopt to create and deliver people-centred exceptional digital experiences for their users. 

The conference project how organisations like Infosys, Ecobank, Access Bank, Keystone Bank, First bank, Keystone Banks, First City Monument Bank, Google, PWC, Clydestone, Uganda Communications Commission and MTN have leveraged Digital Technology for business development and customer satisfaction.

The conference had the likes of Philip Obioha, the Chairman of the Board of Directors at CWG; Austin Okere, Founder and Non-Executive Director at CWG; Mr. Sriranga Sampathkumar the Vice President MEA at Infosys Ltd; Felicia Otolorin, Industry Manager at Google Nigeria, and many more industry leads in attendance

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